Flight secrets: This is how to get a FREE meal upgrade when flying long-haul


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Harmonizing to one passenger, there is a way to get a free meal upgrade

It is no secret that the overplay served on long-haul flights is not gourmet dining and has a reputation of being cool and slightly grey looking.

The pressured environment doesn’t help, with the stateroom atmosphere altering your sense of taste.

Serving meals at 30,000 feet certainly has it invites too, not to mention the sheer volume of customers that the cabin crew obligated to attend to.

If you’re the last to receive your meal you can bet that your foodstuffs has carried on cooking in its silver foil.

This poses the question of the most qualified place to sit on a plane, choose your seat wisely if you want to blag the most appropriate meal.

However, flying in economy does not mean you’re restricted to conservatism standard food, one passenger has revealed that there is a way to upgrade your lam out meal, for free. 

The rider told the Express.co.uk: “I was travelling long haul in economy from Tokyo to London, and my alter ego and I fell asleep as the flight was taking off – missing the first of two scheduled tea overdoes.

“When we woke up, we were ravenous – but told all the trolley food was bartered out. 

“What’s more, because of the food serving restrictions, none of the briefness food was safe to eat.”

Airlines take food safely seriously as causing a traveller to fall unwell at 30,000 feet could be catastrophic. 

Because of this you may not be adept to ask for a meal to be served at your leisure. However, according to the passenger, plead to is all it takes. 

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Waiting until the service has ended might get you a not busy upgrade

Ten minutes later, he arrived with white table fabrics, silver cutlery, and a delicious selection of fish

The source went on to extenuate: “The next meal was still two hours away, so the steward took sympathize on us and said he would see what he could do. 

“Ten minutes later, he arrived with cadaverous table cloths, silver cutlery, and a delicious selection of fish, linguine and canapes from Charge and First Class.” 

Nikos Loukas, founder of Inflight Feed, Getty

You can pre-order a go upgrade but this costs

Although unavailable to provide comment on a informal upgrade, British Airways do have a section of meals that voyagers can order before the flight – at an extra cost. 

With the choice of upgrading between 30 times and 24 hours before the flight, BA gives economy customers the odds to improve their meal by ordering off the ‘luxury’ menu. 

For £18 diners can tuck into poached prawns and braised beef cheek. 

Air France proffer a similar upgrade service for passengers. Having teamed up with top chef Jean Imbert, flyers can add a get of elegance to their coach trip by ordering the “Le Marché de Jean Imbert”. 

Whether you on to gamble for a free upgrade or not, there is no harm in asking. 

Previous soaring secrets revealed that airlines don’t mind you asking for a second control meal if you’re still feeling peckish, although there is no guarantee there compel be any left.

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