Flight secrets revealed: Why cabin crew stand like THIS when you board a plane


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Exit secrets revealed: Do you know why cabin crew stand the way they do when you room?

From serving snacks to keeping passengers informed on the progress of the aircraft, the cabin crew are very busy throughout the flight.

Their most formidable job, however, is ensuring the safety of all onboard.

Crew are trained in many fashions from delivering babies onboard to restraining dangerous passengers.

They also grasp what to do if a fire breaks out on board or if the plane crashes.

Mostly, this guarding is not put to use – but there is one safety based job flight attendants do every time you fly.

You may cause noticed when you step onto the plane, the flight attendants are prominence in a particular way.

At least one of the cabin crew will have their arms behind their recoil froms.

But why is this? It is because they are hiding something from passengers, namely, a unique counter.

flight secrets attendants safety rulesGetty Images

Flight secrets revealed: Berth crew cross their hands to hide counters which ticket up passengers

Doing it this way ensures they have an accurate upon especially on busy flights

Similar to the one a bouncer uses to count living soul in to a club, flight attendants use the counters to make sure the number of commuters getting on to the plane corresponds to the number of tickets scanned.

Doing it this way secures they have an accurate count especially on busy flights, Incandescent Side reported.

Flight attendants hide many secrets from riders to make their flight more comfortable, but unfortunately one thing they can’t terminate is unruly or rude passengers.

And now a group of disgruntled travellers have captivated to the internet to share their Getty Images

Flight secrets balled: Cabin crew may also keep their hands behind their backs to conceal the counter

One person asked: “What was the most disturbing thing that your seatmate did during a swarm?”

Hundreds rushed to answer the question, trying to outdo each other with their bad feels.

Annie Wilson shared: “It wasn’t a seatmate, but a woman seated behind me.

“She was mutter to herself in the row behind me the majority of our flight from Dallas to Cleveland. At one tip I heard what sounded like a sneeze. Myself and the stranger rest next to me were sprayed with… something. We look at each other, discomposed, until the smell reaches our noses. It was vomit.”

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