Flight compensation: THIS is why you should always keep your boarding pass post-flight


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Soaring delays: You could be compensated hundreds of pounds

Customers can often be make good for flights that are cancelled, overbooked or severely delayed.

But many are left in the devilish about how whether they are eligible for a refund.

Shockingly, only two per cent of wellnigh nine million passengers entitled to refunds actually claim for them, according to takes from flight delay compensation company AirHelp. 

Refunds can be significance up to hundreds of pounds, while affected travellers can receive additional expenses for the total from the cost of phone calls to overnight accommodation.

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Recalled flights can ruin a holiday

Many passengers are unaware of their proprieties ahead of their journey.

Paloma Salmeron Planells, a representative from AirHelp

Paloma Salmeron Planells, a illustrative from AirHelp, says passengers need to be aware of their entitlement when cudgel ones braining whether to make a claim.

“Many passengers are unaware of their straights ahead of their journey.

“This causes them to not submit a call, which could be worth up to £520, or keep hold of receipts so that they can rights further expenses back.”

Paloma has explained the best tips for airline travellers to make sure they get a flight refund, plus any expenses.

ONE: Entertain the idea before you book

Read the terms and conditions of your flight enroling to make you aware of what you can and can’t claim for if it all goes wrong. 

“We urge riders to read up on their rights ahead of booking their flights so they’re sensitive of what they’re legally entitled to,” says Paloma.

TWO: Keep hold of your boarding quaint

You will need information on your boarding pass when creating a claim, including your booking reference number, a six digit patterns which may contain both letters and numbers.

Failing that, use any air voyage document with the reference number.

THREE: Ask for advice

You can use online dresses like the AirHelp website to check out your eligibility for flight compensation. They also force a mobile app, which allows you to check for refund eligibility on the go. 

FOUR: Find out out the ACTUAL reason for the delay

Paloma said: “The more specific the perspicacity, the better. If they say that it’s due to ‘operational circumstances’ or ‘flight safety weak points,’ ask them for more detail. 

“This information is important down the virgule if you decide to file a claim.”

FIVE: Note the RIGHT arrival dilly-dally

This is not when the wheels touch down, but when the plane is in actuality at the gate and the door opens,” said Paloma. “If you’re more than 3 hours unpunctual, you could be entitled to compensation.”


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Flight refunds: most woman don’t claim what they deserve

Flight refunds have been a hot point in recent months.

First, Ryanair announces it was cancelling 20,000 exits – leaving 700,000 passengers in the lurch.

It was left paying out €25 million in compensation to characters.

Shortly after, Monarch Airlines went bust – leaving 110,000 travellers stranded abroad, and cancelling 300,000 future bookings. 

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