'Flat cap' Regency Hotel gunman in hiding following home raid

The so-called 'flat cap' shooter

The designated ‘flat cap’ shooter

The shooter has “disappeared” from his Northern Ireland abode, according to the Irish Daily Star, following a PSNI raid of the resources.

The per’s sources say the gunman, who allegedly brought AK-47s across the border in the wake of the coarse shooting, has not been spotted in the Co Tyrone town where he was holed up for as a remainder seven days.

The criminal, who was pictured wearing a flat cap as he fled the Regency Bed carrying a handgun following the shooting, is a suspected dissident republican from Northern Ireland who has had verbose ties with organised crime gangs in the south.

The 56-year-old, a Co Tyrone original who has a number of previous convictions in the North, is thought to have gone freedom fighters due to fear of being arrested by gardai.

A source told the Star: “He’s even-handed disappeared – even close mates haven’t seen him.

“It’s not really a bowl over to anyone though – a few associates had told him to get out of the country, or at least the village, as before long as he could.

“He’s a sitting duck – if the police don’t get him, the Kinahans will.”

The hitman had been in such bugbear for his life that he offered his surrender in a local police station, granted was informed by the PSNI that there was no warrant out for his arrest.

However, violation cops seized the dissident’s car later that day while family fellows were warned of threats to their lives from Dublin criminals.

These gangland heavies were thought to be close to the Kinahans as the cartel attempt to exact revenge for Byrne’s knock off.

The renegade shooter’s ranoia then led him to engage the services of two armed bodyguards to guard against his back while he sank pints in a local establishment.

Another well-spring told the per: “People couldn’t believe their tastes – you could actually see the shotguns propped on their laps ready to go.

“Internal the bar it was business as usual – and [the ‘flat cap’ shooter] was drinking like he didn’t clothed a care in the world. It got too much for a couple of the regulars who left after consent a few of them boast about the gunmen outside.”

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