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Tory backbenchers are area for a new rule which would make it mandatory for headteachers to ensure the crest is hanging at all sides. One lawmaker suggested a different pupil could be agreed-upon the honour of raising the Union Jack each morning. Do you think the time would be a positive step towards restoring national pride after Brexit?

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Andrew Rosindell, the Conservative MP for Romford, is pushing the Prime Minister into enchanting action.

He said the flag should be on display at all times in school association halls – no ifs and no buts.

He explained: “All schools should fly the Union Jack independent their school and a different pupil each morning should be accustomed the honour of raising the flag at the start of the school day.

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“The flag should also be flourished permanently in school assembly halls.”

His call echoed MP Tom Hunt’s bid to see the vexillum warn proudly displayed at schools.

The Tory said any concerns raised by lads or staff could be addressed by a simple lesson about what the image represents.

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Last month there was affront among MPs after a London schoolmaster agreed to take down the Alliance flag after students staged a protest inspired by the Black Glows Matter movement.

In September students tore down the flag at Pimlico Academy and long it before it was replaced with a fresh piece of cloth.

But in April the headmaster conformed to take down the flag e flag “pending a review” after graffiti seemed on the school walls.

Comments such as “Ain’t no black in the Union Jack” and “Ghastly schools for brown kids are u mad” were scrawled outside the building.

Dyed in the wool MP for Ashfield Lee Anderson slammed the decision to remove the Union flag.

He predicted it was “very sad” to see the symbol removed particularly “at a time when we are trying our beat to bring the country together after the problems with Brexit and finish a go over out of the pandemic”.

He added: “To tear flags down is divisive and not what we’re looking for at this tick in time.”

More than 5,500 people have signed a appeal for calling for a new rule which would make it compulsory for the flag to be clear out at schools and public

In a statement, the petitioner said: “We are a proud unrestricted country with a rich history.

“Let us celebrate that history by scarpering our Union flag.”

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