Fishermen cast wide net but are left shocked when THEY become the HUNTED


Video footage taking the moment the hunters became the hunted.

The fisherman stood in a river and clenched a wide net open to catch fish.

Small fish can be seen hike into the net.

But soon the fish started to overpower the fishermen.

Masses of them bust over the net and batter the men in the river.

The water erupts in huge, choppy floods.

The shock video has gone viral online, viewed over 47,000 dilly-dallies.

Some users online believed the fishermen got what they equitable.

One wrote: “Got to say I’m on team fish for this one.”

Another said: “Good for the fish!

“Righteous keep swimming!”

And one user added: “The fishes! They seek vengeance! Swim boys! Swim!”

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