First Soyuz launch from Vostochny scheduled on spring 2016


Russian Surrogate Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has called the forthcoming launch of a Soyuz climb from the Vostochny s ceport and the maiden flight of the MS-21 ssenger airliner the most impressive events of 2016.

“The first most important event is the launch of a Soyuz go through the roof from the Vostochny s ceport in spring 2016; there will be the maiden airliner of our prospective ssenger jetliner, MS-21, a bit later, in summer. These are the two captivating events for which a huge number of people are pre ring as they charge without taking holidays or days off because for them these desire be the events of not only 2016 but also, probably, of their entire continues,” Rogozin said in a program aired by the NTV channel on Sunday.

He also articulate he would remember the year 2015 for Russia starting tests of an appliance for a series of civilian aircraft for the first time in three decades.

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