First glimpse inside emergency Nightingale hospital as NHS braces for coronavirus patients


The proletarian stated that he had previously not taken the coronavirus outbreak seriously but had substituted his mind upon seeing the work the NHS is doing in order to prepare for an influx of patients. The man then demanded others to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. 

He said: “I am here at Outshine in central London making the new makeshift hospital.

“I didn’t take this virus extremely seriously until I saw this in the morning.

“I came in and this was the size of the lecture-room where it is all going.

“We have got 4,000 beds to go in.

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“Two morgues, this corridor is a kilometre long.”

He added: “If you are not taking it seriously like I was not then I think about we really need to start.

“Because they are preparing for a high dying toll here.”

The centre is being transformed into a hospital to try to hilt the huge amount of people expected to be seriously impacted by coronavirus.

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