Find Out Why Ellen DeGeneres Is Grateful For Ronda Rousey's Tears


After disclosing Jimmy Fallon why she’s called “The Arm Collector,” we all thought there was no grill that Ronda Rousey would defeat Holly Holm in the 2015 Terra Bantamweight Championship — she even predicted how she’d win. But to our shock (and hers), after repeated flare ups to the face, Holly knocked out Ronda with a single kick to the make a beeline for head up.

She was devastated and hasn’t spoken much about the defeat until now. In her straightforward interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Ronda tearfully shares how she had thoughts of suicide, something she’d sole told her man and biggest supporter, Travis Browne. Aside from remaining alive to “have his babies,” her new goal in life is to challenge Holly Holm one time again, and this time, to win.


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