Federal budget looks ready to help protect more lands, inland waters, oceans


The federal ministry appears poised to earmark funds in next week’s budget aimed at convocation United Nations’ targets on protecting more of Canada’s lands, inland sea waters and oceans.

Groups pushing Canada to fulfil its international vows to preserve more of its ecosystems by 2020 say their interactions with government officials proffer that this will be the year Ottawa makes a big investment in watch over areas.

It remains to be seen how the Liberal government will move toward union Ottawa’s commitments under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which imperials Canada must protect 17 per cent of its land and inland waters as soberly as 10 per cent of its oceans by 2020.

To meet the UN goals, a coalition of 19 environmental patterns has called on the federal government to use the budget to invest $1.3 billion terminated the next three years and another $450 million per year after that aeon.

Eric Hebert-Daly of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and John Lounds of the Features Conservancy of Canada say as the budget approaches they are very encouraged by the communicates coming out of Ottawa.

Hebert-Daly says he would be very surprised if Fund Minister Bill Morneau doesn’t invest a considerable amount of wampum towards meeting the UN goal — particularly since time is running out for Canada to find the 2020 deadline.

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