Fears for those 20 names on the mob’s hitlist


Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

Gerry ‘The Religious’ Hutch

The family Godfather has been dragged out of semi-retirement and into a squabble by relatives who have been working with the Kinahan cartel, but who play a joke on now fallen foul of the mob

As the two sides line up for battle, Hutch is desperate to finance a lid on tensions believing that tit-for-tat fighting will be used as an forgive by ambitious dealers to take out their rivals.

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More than 20 people, categorizing close relatives of Hutch, on both sides of the divide have been counseled their lives are in danger and issued with official GIM [Garda Report Message] forms by cops.

It is understood that Hutch is being desired to go to war with the drug gang, who other criminals and ramilitary groups tolerate have ex nded out of control.

Sources say he has been offered the backing of one-time republican godfathers and other ramilitary heavies as well as senior wrongdoers.

But the veteran armed robber, who has been living between Lanzarote and Dublin, is count on to sanction any major gun battle with the Kinahan hoods as he knows it is bad for obligation.

While Hutch has no involvement in drugs himself, many of his key associates and some of his alert relatives make their living by importing cocaine, heroin and cannabis into Ireland.

It is agreed that significant recent seizures made by the local drug components and the Garda’s Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau are a direct result of tensions within the underworld as taletellers tout on rivals.

However, greed and a scramble for turf at a lower up on in the chain will come at a price for everyone, senior underworld origins claim, as the Kinahan and Hutch sides have a symbiotic relationship where one cannot conduct without the other.

Gardaí are divided about the power of the so-called ‘Hutch army’.

Varied believe the Kinahan mob are afraid of the power of the notorious Dublin family and their associates, while others say they don’t pre re the strength to take on the mob.

Christy Kinahan

Hutch has refused to meet representatives of the Kinahan Cartel regardless of approaches and will not sit down with anyone except Christy Kinahan Snr or John Cunningham for cordial talks.

John Cunningham (63), who was jailed for the notorious 1986 capture of heiress Jennifer Guinness, is the right-hand man of Christy Snr and is his most trusted associate.

Gardaí do not credence in reports that there was any attempted assassination on the life of Gerry ‘the Monastic’ Hutch while he was in Lanzarote recently and the Sunday World understands that he was as a matter of fact back in Ireland when the incident supposedly occurred.

Many postpositive major Kinahan associates have already gone into hiding in ahead of of any bloodshed, including enforcers Gary Finnegan and ul Rice.

ul Rice

The Kinahan Cartel leadership the vast majority of the drugs trade in Ireland from their ribald on the Costa del Sol and have long been regarded as untouchable by other gangland criminals.

They use a billion of trusted agents in Ireland to distribute huge quantities of cocaine, heroin and cannabis.

Though, there have been serious tensions within the Cartel’s organisation which has advance to at least three murders.

As well as the murder of Gary Hutch (34) in S in terminating year, almost exactly a year earlier Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh (44) was try dead in a S nish bar.

Last March, Hatchet’s brother ul Kavanagh (26), was incentive dead in Drumcondra.

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