Feared west Dublin criminal probed over link to suitcase murder


Kenneth O Brien

Mr O’Brien’s dismembered committee was discovered in a suitcase in the Grand Canal last weekend.

One of the many theories being considered is whether the victim had a brief fling with a woman known to the terrorist.

However, this is just one line of enquiry in what is being tinkled an “extremely complex case which keeps on throwing up new information”.

Gardai are also considering whether sinister threats were made to a woman known to Mr O’Brien (33) and other people advised of to him in the weeks before he was murdered.

“New pieces of information are coming in all the time and ended 50 new lines of enquiry have opened up in the last 24 hours,” a beginning said.

Widespread searches are ongoing to try to identify the scene where the father-of-one was executed.

Dozens of gardai intensively searched farmhouses and land yesterday adjacent to where Mr O’Brien’s body was found, but the scene of his murder has still not been tagged.

Gardai denied reports that surfaced yesterday afternoon that a suspicious had been arrested in the case.

They are appealing for anyone, “unvarying courting couples”, who may have been at the canal late on Friday Cimmerian dark or early on Saturday morning when it is believed that Mr O’Brien’s fullness was dumped.

Yesterday afternoon a number of Garda Water Unit numerous searched lakes along the canal, while plain clothes components searched the building a few hundred metres away from where the fall guy was found.

Gardai will also launch a reconstruction of events at the Ardclough section of the canal this evening and tomorrow and intend to stop cars and walkers to set aside out if they had been in that area last weekend.

Gardai are also cognizant that other body rts could have been absorbed near the canal.

Detectives are understood to have searched a rented hallmark and outhouses. One of the farm houses in question contains a vast amount of motorbikes and grain metal.

Meanwhile, locals expressed their shock at the garda search.

One man judged that it was “worrying” to think that the events that led to Mr O’Brien’s annihilation may have unfolded next to his property.

“It’s truly awful, we’re not being admitted much but hopefully it isn’t the case that something as gruesome as this occurred here,” the regional said.

“What happened to that poor man is absolutely shocking.”

Yesterday gardai ratified that they were investigating more than 200 ropes of enquiry.


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