‘Fatpuss’ associates form ‘dangerous alliance’ with notorious Traveller gang


Fatpuss (43) has been Byzantine in a bitter disagreement with Finglas hoods who have strong associates to the Kinahan cartel.

The gang targeting Fatpuss is made up of at least 10 “out-of-control” owns who have links to more senior criminals in the area.

These encompass a family- based mob, whose members have convictions for drug handle and firearms offences.

They have loose links to a notorious hitman for the Kinahan cartel, who fled his Finglas retreat earlier this year after getting heat from gardai. He did not unvarying return for the funeral of his beloved mother.

The Kinahan hitman, who is a suspect in the dispute murders of Eddie Hutch and Noel Duggan, also ran a “drugs superstore” in his Finglas West secure before he fled.

While this has now been closed down, a join forces against of about 15 teenage thugs, all aged under 19, contain made certain parts of Finglas West “no-go areas” after engaging over his patch.

The new associates are pals of crime brothers Tommy and John Paul Joyce, who were killed just seven months apart between June 2009 and January 2010.

The Rubbernecker mob is one of a number of criminal gangs working together in a multimillion euro intercontinental car theft ring, in which cars that are being stolen to classify across Ireland are shipped out of the country.

Bradley is not thought to be involved in the car thefts, but gardai sire established that dozens of high-end cars, which have been skulked by the Traveller gang, have been moved out of the country through Dublin Seaport.

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