Fat Freddie on the run with Lorcan O’Reilly murder suspect


Freddie Thompson

Freddie Thompson

Reports in today’s Sun display that Thompson and the boy left Ireland on the 7:20am flight from Dublin to Dusseldorf on Monday morning.

Thompson allegedly marked to make the move after the teen suspect was brutally beaten on New Year’s Eve.

Lorcan O’Reilly

Commencements have revealed that a number of youths attacked the 15-year-old in Dublin’s south inner diocese shortly after 4am last Friday and the teenager suffered a number of vital kicks and punches to the head.

He was brought to St James’s Hospital where he was probed for a number of hours before being discharged.

“The teenager is lucky that his damages are not an awful lot worse. This incident has led to an increase in tensions in the south inner town,” a source said.

It is understood that some of those who were confused in the attack knew the murder victim and “there was an element of revenge in all directions what happened”.

Reports indicate that Thompson vowed make reprisal for for the attack and sent masked thugs to the Oliver Bond flats arena to find the teen’s attackers in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Meanwhile the Kinahan Cartel has signified their revulsion over the murder of Lorcan O’Reilly.

“Thompson remembers there is a lot of anger over the O’Reilly killing and he knows people are out to get his prepubescent associate. He is also worried the gardai could arrest his associate and that why they’ve flown to Germany,” a begetter said.

“Thompson knows the only way gardai could issue a European Block warrant for the teen is if they charge him.

“His whole gang are under pressing pressure at the moment and that’s why he’s left Ireland.”

Thompson’s associates from launched a cam ign of intimidation against witnesses and so far no one has been charged with the stunned murder.

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