Fat Freddie finds new European hideaway with teen murder suspect

Going Dutch: Fat Freddie Thompson

Growing Dutch: Fat Freddie Thompson

According to today’s Sun, the ir are now in hiding in Amsterdam.

On Monday it had been reported that the bandit, the teenager and the youngster’s uncle had flown to Dusseldorf on January 4.

They evaded after the 15-year-old was badly beaten on New Year’s Eve.

Sources have revealed that a add up of youths attacked the 15-year-old in Dublin’s south inner city immediately after 4am that night and the teenager suffered a number of serious recoils and punches to the head.

He was brought to St James’s Hospital where he was treated for a bunch of hours before being discharged.

“The teenager is lucky that his abuses are not an awful lot worse. This incident has led to an increase in tensions in the south inner borough,” a source said.

It is understood that some of those who were active in the attack knew the murder victim and “there was an element of revenge around what happened”.

Reports indicate that Thompson vowed her for the attack and sent masked thugs to the Oliver Bond flats breadth to find the teen’s attackers in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

The teenager is the chief theorize in the murder of Lorcan O’Reilly, who was stabbed and killed at a bonfire in the Oliver Thongs flat complex on Halloween.

It is believed that Thompson is trying to prohibit the teenager away from those who want revenge for the O’Reilly regicide as well as keeping the teen out of the clutches of Gardai.

Thompson has links to Holland and he was extradited from there in 2014 to overlay violent disorder charges here.

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