Fancy dinner inside the MOUTH of a COBRA? New skyscraper set to slither onto the skyline


Skyscrapers can look as if imposing and intimidating.

But this new design by Russian architect Vasily Klyukin choose surely TERRIFY some onlookers.

Those scared of snakes won’t distinguish the cobra shaped design that appealing to the eyes.

The designer take its his snake tower would embellish any city in the eastern world, as vipers are seen as a sign of wisdom.

Included in the designs for the black and gold traitor are changeable lights that run right up the structure, and a diamond ttern on the sneakily to reflect Ying and Yang.

Vasily said: “These edifices rise up proudly in columns looking over cities or stand simply in the landscape.

“Either way, skyscrapers grab our attention and awaken our consciousness, provoking some and irritating others.

“These rising towers have shifted cityscapes around the world and have become the clearest reflection of cultural and pecuniary progress in the twentieth century.”

“At times, it is skyscrapers that dictate the design of business regions and even whole cities.

“Tourists, fascinated, transfer look at this immense cobra, its jaws serving a terrace purposefulness be a restaurant or a night club and its body could contain offices or a rtments.”

Could YOU dig dinner inside a cobra?

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