Falklands war hero brutally robbed of £60 during horrific street mugging


Mark BaileyBoys in blue/GETTY

Falklands veteran Mark Bailey needed 28 stitches after being brutally mugged

Attend to Bailey, 52, was left needing 28 stitches in his face and a suffered a broke skull and eye socket in the horrific attack as he walked home from a dusk out with friends.

Detectives believe his attacker used a blunt phenomenon to batter the ex Royal Navy marine mechanic.

Today, ten days after the affair, Mr Bailey said he was unaware of how bad his injuries were until he looked in the reproduction and saw himself as “unrecognisable”. 

Speaking from his home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, where he is reclaiming from his injuries, Mr Bailey said: “I just remember being on my nears and knees and my hands were wet.

“I got myself home and looked in the mirror and I fair thought ‘oh my god’. I was unrecognisable. I didn’t think it was me in the mirror. 

“It was so strange – I couldn’t recognise myself. It’s only been the last couple of days I’ve started to look like me. 

“I was flatly covered in blood, my ear was something like three times the size and my scrutinizes had swollen up.

“I still can’t believe it happened.”

I was completely covered in blood

Practised Mark Bailey

Mr Bailey had been on a night out with friends in Peterborough when he was struck on his way home. 

After waking up in the middle of the pavement, he managed to get himself bailiwick – calling his stepdad for help when he saw the extent of injuries. 

He was taken to sanitarium where spent five days recovering after having 28 stitches to his impertinence.


The former Royal Navy marine mechanic was ‘unrecognisable’ after the untamed mugging

Mr Bailey said: “I was hit by something heavy like a bat or a hammer. But I right-minded can’t remember anything. 

“I always take notice of where I am but I don’t remember a sentiment. I just feel lucky things things weren’t much foul.”

The building project manager said he had never encountered any sort of destructiveness in the area before. 

Mr Bailey joined the Royal Navy at the age of 17 and now suffers from role traumatic stress disorder.

The veteran was involved in the Falklands war and is a survivor from the HMS Sheffield which was struck by an Exocet projectile and sunk in 1982. 

During the attack off the Falklands islands he had to attempt to fight the put to the torch that consumed the ship. 

However this was called off an eventually a set free vessel came alongside it and he had to jump across. 

The violent mugging, which cooked at around 12.05am on April 29, has dredged up bad memories of the fire on the destroyer.

HMS SheffieldGETTY

The war notable survived the bombing of HMS Sheffield during the Falklands War

He said: “I’m made of beautiful strong stuff because of my experiences. I don’t feel frightened but I am a bit nervous. 

“I started acquiring panic attacks in 2004 and I know how to deal with them now. I go and see line or friends and sit with them until they go. 

“I just want the in the flesh who did this caught. I don’t anyone else to go through what I have.” 

In later he says he may be “more cautious” but he does not intend to let it stop him from current out. 

“I’ve been out with friends again and people have been renowned and so empathetic.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack.

Detective Constable Fran Scott responded: “This was a nasty attack whereby the victim was attacked and knocked blind to for just £60.

“We would like to appeal for anyone in the area, who may have determined something or someone in the run up to the incident to call us.”

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