Eye test revealed man's brain tumour but one in six Brits have NEVER had one


A tedious eye test ended in life-saving surgery to remove a tumour for web developer and Luke Williams.

The 27-year-old headed to the optician after savvying squinting and migraines and being urged by his boss to get tested.

Despite self-evident symptoms such as blurred vision, a Vision Express optometrist flecked signs of a severe neurological condition and made an immediate referral.

Omar Hassan, direct of professional services at Vision Express, said: “During a series of unalike tests, Luke’s responses were slightly delayed and it was clear that something objective wasn’t right.

“As standard at Vision Express we offer a ‘visual grounds’ test.

“This can detect dysfunction in central and peripheral vision, which may be caused by numerous medical conditions such as glaucoma, stroke, brain tumours or other neurological shortfalls.

“As soon as this test was conducted on Luke, it was ap rent that there could be a straightforward neurological issue.”

Following a referral, Luke had an MRI scan at the Cobalt Imaging Concentrate in Cheltenham and despite being told he would have to wait a week to get his results, when he gross a call the following day, he knew it may be serious.

He said: “It appeared that something unexpected had been initiate during the MRI scan but I hoped it was a relatively minor lesion that wouldn’t distress surgery.”

A CT scan helped doctors to quickly diagnose a tumour the value of a cricket ball requiring an operation.

Luke said: “I was referred to Bristol Southmead Asylum in November and the following day surgeons operated on my brain’s left temporal lobe.

The doctors weren’t wholly sure what they’d removed and replaced with 38 stitches, it was a bit of a enigma at first, later diagnosed as a calcified low-grade glioma.”

Shortly after, Luke gained home to Gloucestershire to begin a long road to recovery.

Omar augmented: “Luke’s story is all the more shocking because Luke is a young and healthy-looking childlike man.

“The tumour had been there for a long time, so it shows how potentially unsmiling conditions can be present in our bodies without us being aware of them.

“Importantly, Luke’s anyhow is rare, but it highlights the need for regular eye examinations, even if you think your envisaging is fine.”

“Many people are surprised to learn just how many other conditions can be discovered through a simple eye test by a qualified optician.”

Luke, who also dogs an acclaimed Doctor Who fan site, is still being monitoring by doctors due to calcium consigns where the tumour was removed, but is back to work on reduced hours.

He mean: “I’m also here today thanks to my employers iconnet urging me to get an eye probe, and the alert optometrist at Vision Express who first spotted there was a refractory. I’m 100% behind the cam ign to show just how vital a check up at the opticians can be.”

Dr Rosemary Leonard mean: “I would say to anyone who hasn’t had an eye check, that eye test could smell if you have an eye condition and it could save your sight.”

Vision Straightforward is urging the public to take sight seriously and is offering a free eye assay to everyone in the UK throughout September.

The initiative aims to tackle a worsening prospect for eye health, following research revealing that over 2 million individual in the UK are living with sight loss.

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