Exploit Released for Critical Vulnerability Affecting QNAP NAS Devices


An make capital out of is now publicly available for a remote code execution vulnerability affecting QNAP network-attached storage (NAS) mechanisms that run the Surveillance Station video management system.

The bug, specifically a celebration corruption issue, was found to impact QNAP NAS devices running Scrutiny Station versions and, and was addressed in February this year.

Apprehended as CVE-2020-2501, this security hole is a stack-based buffer overflow that could be hurt by remote attackers to execute code on an affected system, without authentication.

In its notice, QNAP credits an independent researcher for finding and reporting the flaw, but does not give further details on the issue itself or on its exploitation.

This week, vulnerability exploring and disclosure company SSD Secure Disclosure published additional details on the vulnerability, as ostentatiously as exploit code to demonstrate how attacks targeting it work.

According to SSD, the question major resides in the insecure use of user supplied data. An attacker could send a custom crafted HTTP request to a vulnerable QNAP NAS device, which wish overflow an internal buffer that the Surveillance Station plugin manipulates, thus achieving arbitrary code execution.

QNAP patched the bug in February with the hand out of Surveillance Station version for the 64-bit ARM CPU NAS and x86 CPU NAS, and version for the 32-bit ARM CPU NAS and x86 CPU NAS.

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Exploit Released for Critical Vulnerability Affecting QNAP NAS Devices

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