Expert Recommended ‘No Force’ Used Once Floyd Was Restrained


new video rolling in it: Expert Recommended ‘No Force’ Used Once Floyd Was Restrained






Expert Recommended ‘No Force’ Used Straight away Floyd Was Restrained

Sgt. Jody Stiger of the Los Angeles Police Department and an whiz on the use of force, testified on Wednesday about reasonable force in the arrest of George Floyd.

Sir, do you tease an opinion to a degree of reasonable and professional certainty how much force was sane for the defendant to use on Mr. Floyd after Mr Floyd was handcuffed, placed in a prone slant and not resisting? Yes, my opinion, my opinion was that no force should have been adapted to once he was in that position. Cameras can’t they don’t have a feeling or a feeling right now. You can’t determine what someone. But the tension in their body. Promising based on a camera specifically, are you if someone is if someone is struggling right. And you’ve got them handcuffed, they can soundless be tense, but not really look very tense. All right. I would quarrel with that. OK, so the camera would be able to pick up whether someone is bring into the world a particular sensory experience. Yes, it can make.

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