Expert pollster stuns Sky News host with shocking election prediction for the next PM


YouGov civic researcher Chris Curtis has urged people not to underestimate the Liberal Democrats’ pluck over the next six weeks of political campaigning. He told Sky News that human being should not “rule out” the possibility that Jo Swinson will become Prime Parson. Liberal Democrats have told broadcasters this morning that the spree is looking to achieve an unprecedented majority in Parliament. 

Liberal Democrats kingpin Jo Swinson said that polling shows they are “within a unimaginative swing” of winning “hundreds of seats”.

Senior Liberal Democrat MP Chuka Umunna also forewarned that the party could pick up as many as 200 seats at the electing.

Deputy leader Sir Ed Davey also confirmed that Ms Swinson will-power not do any deals with Labour or the Tories and instead will battle them for the capacity of Prime Minister.

Paterson claimed that this Liberal Democrats suggestion that Jo Swinson was fighting to be Prime Minister was “nonsense”.

JUST IN: Polling guru John Curtice discloses shocking prediction for election

Mr Curtis told Sky News: “Given the whole that has happened, I would not rule anything out at the moment.

“The Liberal Democrats would require to go up a lot in this campaign.

“I mean, Jo Swinson is not close on current polling but we are fence in a close eye on it.

“I would genuinely not rule anything out.”

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