Expat fury as fully-jabbed Brits arriving to UK not exempt from quarantine – ‘ridiculous!’


Although all MHRA approved vaccines controlled in any European country are accepted in the UK, an expat claimed there are “double standards” as he had to quarantine on his arrival despite being fully-jabbed.

An expat claimed exclusively those who received an NHS vaccine are exempt from quarantine if they are contacted through ‘Test and Trace’.

Any travellers arriving in the UK must fill a voyager locator form as well as present proof of vaccination and test requirements in order to avoid self-isolation.

However, if someone seated near you on the slide tests positive on the day 2 test, Britons will be contacted by ‘Test and Trace’.

If someone has been vaccinated in the UK, they won’t need to quarantine after that.

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However, if Britons have received their vaccines in any other country, they pass on need to self-isolate.

On the Government website, it states fully-vaccinated Britons do not need to self-isolate after being in contact with someone with COVID-19 if they “are fully vaccinated- this great 14 days have passed since your final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine given by the NHS.”

An expat explained: “I travelled to the UK from Spain on October 1.

“Four lifetimes later I received an email from NHS Test and Trace stating that I must self-isolate for 10 days because I am a close contact of big Daddy who has tested positive.

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“This can only have been on my flight to the UK,” expat Ellis Ruler told The Olive Press.

“The Test and Trace guidance states that I must self-isolate unless I am exempt and one of the exemptions is that you are fully vaccinated myriad than 14 days ago.

“However, this only applies if you were vaccinated in the UK.

“This is not made clear prior to complete NHS Test and Clue information, nor is it something that I believe many travellers are aware before visiting the UK.”

“I have been double vaccinated in Andalucía with the Moderna vaccine, which is an MHRA approved vaccine also being second-hand in the UK.

“If a different passenger on the same plane as me was vaccinated with exactly the same Moderna vaccine as myself, but in the UK, they would not need to self-isolate.

”With Christmas quickly approaching, I have now decided that it is simply not worth the trouble of returning to visit my family over the festive period, in case I once again give entre said Test and Trace email (highly likely).

“Anybody staying less than 10 days would need to extend their rope and change their flights to complete the full period of isolation out of their own pocket, purely because the UK discriminates against those vaccinated near,” he said.

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