EXCLUSIVE: 'I'm taking it slow' Karen Danczuk opens up about 'petrifying' new romance


Converse in exclusively to Express.co.uk, Karen explained: “It felt like a lifetime since I’ve been individual, funnily enough and my relationship with Simon was obviously very known.

“I never wanted to rush into anything and it was actually my boys that thought to me ‘mummy, you need to start going on dates’.”

Despite admitting that she doesn’t be confidence when it comes down to her sexy selfies, the thought of pursuing another relationship after the break-up ” nic-stricken” her.

Karen continued: “It’s actually petrifying doing that, as I’d mystified so much confidence within myself and dating. So, when they said to me ‘you impecuniousness to start going on dates, daddy’s moved on’, I decided to do it.

“I yearning my boys to know at first that they were my priority, so when they held go for it, I was like ‘ok’,” she added of her two sons Milton and Sebastian.

Karen – who is have knowledge of for flaunting her curvy physique on Twitter – continued to say of her new relationship: “I’m entrancing things slow with Dan because se rating, you lose so much self-confidence. I didn’t know what to do, like why would I go and start dating people? How does it have a job, do they text you every day? Do they text you 20 times a day?”

“Now it’s identical to, should they message? Do they not like me? There are so many implements that I’m still learning,” Karen shared.

Speaking specifically connected with the numerous romance rumours that have surrounded the brunette since her split, she buffooned: “It’s hilarious, isn’t it? I’d have to send a quick message to Dan to be like ‘upstanding so you know, that guy that I’m with…’ but he knows, because they’re forever my friends anyway.

“The other day when we were out, we were actually out with my most appropriate friend Andrew Nutter, and he was the last guy I got linked with and we were both out together and got pped.

“On one side I had Andrew and one side I had Dan, but we upright laughed it off. I was dreading that headline, I thought it was going to be ‘Karen’s in an available relationship’ or something.”

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