Ex Virgin Atlantic cabin crew reveals one thing Richard Branson wanted them to pack


Ex Virgin bugger off attendant Mandy Smith revealed what life was like while training to animate for the carrier in the 2000s.

“I was surrounded by glamour,” wrote Smith. “The Flight Meet was also used to coordinate staff travel and as a check-in port for Virgin body flying out of Gatwick, so every day we’d see staff coming and going, looking so unctuous in their uniforms, the girls gliding effortlessly in heels like examples on a catwalk, impeccably made-up, not a hair out of place.

“Grooming rules were incredibly attentive at Virgin, especially for girls.

“As ambassadors of the brand we were expected to look spick and bridge at all times: in the air, on the ground, at the training centre… basically whenever we were in unchanged.

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