Everything You Need to Know About the Everything (Bagel) Doughnut


Everything You Need to Know About the Everything (Bagel) Doughnut

When my collector asked me to head to Manhattan’s West Village to try The Doughnut Projects’ caboodle doughnut, the nicest comment I could come up with was “that sounds ambiguous,” but today, I’m pre red to eat my words. Combining the concept of a salty, whereas everything bagel and a sweet frosted doughnut may very well be a ploy to make the next attention-getting viral stry, but it also results in a doughnut that is reasonable plain good. Sesame seeds, pepitas, and poppyseeds add crunch and nuttiness, while a just-right amount of accumulate balances but doesn’t overpower the sweet icing on the yeasted doughnut. I was grateful that I couldn’t detect any dehydrated garlic or onion (both unwritten everything bagel components), though other reports claim garlic as one of the toppings. (Some superiority quibble that this omission diminishes the everything-bagel-ness of the doughnut, but I muse on The Doughnut Project had the right idea here.) Overall, it’s a stry that is both resourceful in concept and actually worth eating.

TL;DR: The Doughnut Project’s everything doughnut is incredibly worth a trip to Manhattan’s West Village. Also consider annoying the doughnut shop’s peanut butter and jelly, grapefruit rosemary, and chocolate pretzel doughnuts while you’re there.

Tiki Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry

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