'Every day is a bonus' Paul Daniels' son says TV star has returned home for his final days


The 77-year-old, who was determined with an incurable brain tumour last month, isn’t sure how lengthy he has left but his family are keeping a vigil by his bedside.

ul’s 52-year-old son Martin has accepted the situation is “unbearably difficult”.

“Dad’s not going to get any better,” he told the Sunday Reproduction. “There’s no treatment which can help him. Doctor’s haven’t foretold how many weeks or months he might have – and we haven’t asked. He advised ofs things are not in his hands now and we are living in the knowledge every day is a bonus.

“It is unbearably ticklish. He has said before when, ‘it’s your time it’s your linger’ and that’s how he is trying to face up to things.”

Martin who appeared on stage alongside his venerable father for more than 30 years, also revealed that his dad have recourse to c get to worked down the chance of radiotherapy after being told it would not outstretch his life.

Wife Debbie, 57, Martin, and brothers ul, 55, and Gary, 46, sooner a be wearing barely left ul’s side since thew news down-and-out two weeks ago.

ul’s publicist confirmed the illness in a statement which announce: “We can confirm that one of our greatest magicians and entertainers of all times, ul Daniels, has miserably been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour.

“On behalf of ul, Debbie and their subdivisions, we thank you for your kind concerns and support at this sad time and ask that their confidentiality continues to be respected.”

Recalling the moment he found out the news, Martin determined the news per: “I was sitting in a cafe in Buenos Aires when I got a phone idea from Debbie.

“It said, ‘I’m so very sorry to have to reprimand you in this way but your dad is in hospital and they have found a tumour on the discernment’.

“I felt in a state of shock. I knew dad had not been himself. We’d both been in nto st Christmas and he said he felt tired. But for many years he has had thyroid delinquents and the medication can make him feel ill so I put it down to that,” he continued.

“He was rtake of blood tests to check what was wrong. But while he was awaiting the sequels he lost his balance a couple of times so Debbie took him in.”

After earning the diagnosis, ul made the decision he wanted to return to his home in Berkshire, and Martin discloses “he is happy there”.

“It’s like anybody – they feel more likeable and content at home. Some days he is tired and spends most of his sooner in bed dozing. But even then he is happy. His bedroom has floor to ceiling windows so he can sit in bed and look across the garden on to his river,” he rationalized.

“It is one of those things he likes about living where he does, watching the motor yachts ss by and life rolling on. He delights in the ducks, swans and geese which run far at the bottom of his garden.”

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