Even You Won't Be Able to Hold Back Tears After Watching Kesha's Moving Acceptance Speech


Kesha attended the Sym thetic Rights Cam ign’s Nashville Equality Dinner in Tennessee on Saturday continuously, where she was honored with the HRC Visibility Award for her work to “advance and in favour of for the LGBT movement.” The singer, who’s currently in the middle of a legal brawl with Dr. Luke, thanked the crowd for their ongoing support, tearfully answer, “For any of you who know, I’m going through some personal things that bear been really intense and hard lately, and I just want to say tender thanks you for any support I’ve received.” She also talked about her history with the LGBT community as right as the importance of loving yourself, adding, “You are all beautiful just as you are.” Take note of her speech in full above now, and then check out Kesha’s most inspirational duplicates.

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