Even Remainer says she is NOT happy with millionaires ‘DRIVING DEMOCRACY’ in Britain


The maker and Remainer said that, although she agrees with calls for a ‘child’s vote’ on the final Brexit deal, she does not agree with that millionaires should be “spunk our democracy” in Britain.

Ms Alibhai-Brown told Sky News: “I’m not at all happy about these millionaires stab our democracy.

“Although I’m on his side, our democracy has been totally corrupted by the induce of various millionaires who choose which way the country should be going.

“So, yes, I’m ineluctable some people would be very happy to receive the money because I am on the side where I contrive we should have a three question decision made by the population on what well-disposed of deal they want, or no deal at all, or stay in the EU. You know that.

I’m not at all happy about these millionaires thrust our democracy

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

“But I really don’t think it’s a good idea for millionaires to start slap their money around.”

The latest of Britain’s wealthiest to express bear out for a second Brext vote is Julian Dunkerton, co-founder of clothing tag Superdry.

Mr Dunkerton said he would be donating £1 million to the People’s Uphold campaign, with the money going towards one of the biggest polling directions the UK has ever seen.

Mr Dunkerton founded Cult Clothing in 1985, vacancy its first store under the Superdry name in London in 2004.

In an article for The Sunday Forthwiths online, Mr Dunkerton, 53, who stepped down as the company’s CEO three years ago but persevere a leavings its largest shareholder, said if Brexit had happened 20 years earlier “Superdry determination never have become the global success that it is”.

He wrote: “Until Brexit cheer up its head, people were looking enviously at our country. The whole of Europe was reveal it wanted to learn from us. Now we’re close to throwing away this dazzling opportunity.

“I’m putting some of my money behind the People’s Vote offensive because I know we have a genuine chance to turn this circa.

“It’s becoming clear there is no vision for Brexit and the politicians have made a fool around of it.

Brexit news: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said she is “not happy” with millionaires “move democracy” (Image: Superdry•Sky News•CNBC)

“Increasingly, the public distinguishes that Brexit is going to be a disaster.”

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson also expressed his distress at Brexit in July when he claimed the British people were “misinformed” in the 2016 vote and would “change their minds” if Britain had a faulty referendum.

The business mogul said he thinks Britain will be “much poorer” after Brexit and ordain leave the

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