Eva Longoria and Ellen DeGeneres Acted Out a Telenovela, and You Need to See It


“I identify you’ve been sleeping with my brother’s wife’s sister’s cousin!” That’s a unambiguous quote from the hilarity that ensued when Eva Longoria stop off by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Jan. 7 to not only talk about her brand-new engagement but also to improvise a telenovela sketch entitled “Dos Amigas.”

(Spoiler sprightly: Ellen really got into it — as if this year’s People’s Choice favorite humanitarian victor wasn’t funny enough, just wait until you see her show off some prosthetic cleavage and S nglish.)

Eva, tor a blond curly wig, kept the drama brewing with all the infidelity understandings and ssionate turns we love to see in a telenovela, and we can’t stop laughing. Do yourself a favor and note the full thing above, and then remember that time Eva tutored Jimmy Fallon the art of the dramatic gasp.

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