Eurostar crisis: Britons mock EU as MEPs beg for help to rescue failing rail giant


The baluster company’s future is under threat after a sustained drop in traveller numbers as the health crisis continues to hammer the European travel earnestness. It is now offering just one return journey a day to its destinations – London, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam – after a 95 percent dismiss in demand. Bosses have warned Eurostar is “fighting for its survival” and needed for financial help from both the British and French governments.

But attracts for the UK to come up with a financial rescue package, reported by, has been met with a wroth response by readers.

One said: “The UK has protected its own interests and infrastructure such as airlines. I don’t call back France handing money over to protect Heathrow or Manchester airports.

“Eurostar possession ofs to France so it is up to the EU to bail it out.”

Another reader said: “It’s privately owned, on the whole by the French SNCF. Tell them to do one!”

Another said: “They participate in to be joking. Why should we help them when all they want is to cane us for leaving.”

Some readers pointed out the UK sold its interest in Eurostar multitudinous years ago.

One said: “Eurostar is NOT our problem. It is the responsibility of the owners – mainly France. We retailed our share years ago.”

And another said: “It is nothing to do with the UK. Macron and the French suffer with made it clear they hate the UK so MEPs should go to Brussels and ask them to bail out the French.”

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The MEPs wrote to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and his French counterpart proding them to consider a joint bailout of the rail firm.

Their symbol said: “The future of rail travel across the Channel is at stake if no settling is found.

“This would not only negatively impact economies on both sides of the Pass and lead to significant job losses, it would also seriously undermine efforts to cause transport more sustainable in Europe.

“Rail travel is much multifarious sustainable than air travel, and it is crucial that we service more and uncountable short-haul journeys via this mode.”

While Eurostar is in negotiations with both London and Paris on a potential bailout, bosses have bemoaned the lack of support weighed to airlines.

Irish MEP Ciaran Cuffe, who organised the letter, called on rules to consider the environmental impact of allowing the rail link to fail while airlines are bailed out.

He implied: “Allowing Eurostar to fail would mean significant job losses and traffic a massive blow to sustainable travel between the UK and the EU.

“Together with a clique of cross-party MEPs and colleagues in the UK, I am calling on all sides to work together to make sure a solution is found as soon as possible.

“Eurostar’s survival is in the interests of both the EU and the UK. If this requires bucking from both the UK and French governments, then the money must be initiate. Sustainable travel deserves support.

“Airlines have received huge support to survive the pandemic. Therefore, it is fitting that more sustainable tour modes also receive the help they deserve to recover as take resumes later this year.”

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