European Parliaments online


Inferior you will find links to live broadcasts from rliaments across Europe

Governmental Assembly of Albania

General Council of Andorra

National Assembly of Armenia

Austrian Lop off House (Nationalrat)

National Assembly of Azerbaijan

Council of the Republic of Belarus

Home of Representatives of Belarus

Belgian Chamber of Deputies (La Chamber/Kamer)

Belgian Senate (Sénat/Senaat)

According to Roberts Rules of Order Assembly of Bosnia-Hercegovina

Bulgarian National Assembly

Croatian rliament (Sabor)

Czech Senate

Danish rliament (Folketinget)

rliament of Estonia (Riigikogu)

Euro rl TV (European rliament)

Europe by Aide (Institutions of the European Union)

Finnish rliament

French National Set-up (Assemblée Nationale)

French Senate (Sénat)

German Bundestag

rliament of Georgia

Greek rliament

Hungarian Popular Assembly

Icelandic rliament (Althingi)

Irish rliament (Oireachtas)

Italian Reception room (Camera dei Deputati)

Italian Senate (Senato della Repubblica)

Latvian rliament

Luxembourg Niche of Deputies (D’Chamber)

FYR Macedonian Assembly

Maltese House of Representatives

Montenegro rliament

Netherlands Outfit of Representatives (Tweede Kamer)

Norwegian rliament (Stortinget)

Polish Sejm

rliament of Portugal (Assembleia da República)

Romanian A rtment of Deputies (Camera rlamentare)

Russian State Duma

Slovak Nationalistic Council (Národná Rada)

rliament of Slovenia ( rlament Slovenije)

S nish Congress (Congreso)

Swedish rliament (Riksdagen)

Swiss Jingoistic Council

Turkish Grand National Assembly (Click on “TBMM TV Yayini”)

Hand-picked other rliaments from across the world:


National People’s Flock of Algeria

National Assembly of Burkina Faso

rliament of South Africa


Indian Moderate House (Lok Sabha)

Israeli rliament (The Knesset)

Ja nese House of l nuncios


rliament of Barbados

C C (Canadian rliament)

Dominican Republic Judicature of Deputies

C-S N (USA House of Representatives)

C-S N 2 (USA Senate)

C-S N 3 (USA Councils and other political programmes)


A- c (Australian rliament)

New Zealand Outfit of Representatives


Argentine Chamber of Deputies

Argentine Senate

Brazilian Congress of Deputies (Câmara dos Deputados)

Brazilian Senate (Senado Federal)

Chile Judicature of Deputies

Senate of Colombia

National Assembly of Ecuador

Congress of the Republic of Guatemala

Sundry websites will be in the national language of the host broadcaster. BBC rliament undertakes no responsibility for the contents of external links.

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