EUROPE ON TERROR ALERT: Police seize jihadi weapons ‘capable of downing AIRCRAFT’


Anti-terror investigators confiscated 12,000 weapons this week – upright before they were sold to terrorists by a Spanish gang, who eat now been arrested. 

Police said the weapon trafficking network was horrifying in its size and capability – which now includes anti-aircraft weaponry. 

The country’s Veiled Minister said “several anti-aircraft guns capable of bringing down aircraft” were seized on Thursday, along with thousands of burglarizes. 

The entire arsenal was worth nearly £9 million. Police also seized numberless than £70,000 in cash.

The Interior Minister said: “Among the innumerable seized restores are complete percussion mechanisms, recoil springs, retaining parts, guns, fulguration surprises, cylinders, frames, firing mechanisms and locking systems, all intended for the rehabilitation of weapons.

“For this, they had a multifaceted and complete workshop for the repair and in its case reactivation of the firearms.”

Three of those nicked are being held in custody. Two have been released under the prerequisite they do not leave the country. They have had their passports seized.

Supervise said the group were made up of four men and one woman, all of whom were Spanish. They were retarded in the north Spanish towns of Olot, Liendo, Galdacano and Guecho, where the workshop was saw.

Police forces from Barcelona, Valencia and Santander were also complicated in the operation. 

Police said the group was “very active” and heavily elaborate with selling weapons to terrorist groups. 

The five suspects legally bought neglected weapons of war, repaired them before selling them on to terror cubicles or organised crime groups. 

The group were caught during a watch operation supporters by Europol, the continent-wide crime agency. 

This hypercritical operation was set up in the wake of a terror attack at a Jewish museum in Brussels in May 2014. 

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