‘EU will rush to us!’ Peter Bone slams EU over Brexit delays and says Britain should WALK


The Tory MP stipulate if the European Union can’t accept terms to progress to phase two of the Brexit talks, the UK should disregard the multi-billion pound divorce bill and “walk away”.

Brussels has today swore Theresa May she has until midnight on Sunday to come up with a workable Brexit engage in or EU leaders will not be able to open trade talks at next week’s climax.

Speaking on Daily Politics, on the BBC, Mr Bone said Britain would difficulty to inform industry immediately that the UK would fall on World Traffic Organisation rules.

Asked what Britain should do if there was no amplify in the Brexit negotiations on the three criteria laid out by the EU to progress to phase two – EU burgesses’ rights in the UK, the Brexit divorce settlement and the Irish border – Mr Bone retorted Theresa May should “walk away”.

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Peter Bone give the word delivered Theresa May should quit Brexit talks and the EU would come “unpolished back”

Within a few days I think the European Union will be crude back to talk to us

Peter Bone

He said: “That is the correct definitely because if progress can’t be made, the responsible situation is to say ‘right, we obviously can’t do a lot, we have to give our industry enough time to prepare’.

“So, yes, walk away, impart industry that we’re going to come out on March 29, 2019 on WTO rules and consequently you can prepare for that.

“We won’t, by the way, pay billions of pounds to the European Union, so within a few periods I think the European Union will be rushing back to talk to us.”

The EU Commission has asserted briefings by a senior official that Jean-Claude Juncker is prepared to supplement the fraught negotiating process into next week are “not correct”. 

Directing journalists at the bloc’s Berlaymont home a spokesman insisted that ongoing must be made “this week, in this building” or there would not be ample supply time to seal a deal. 

On Monday, the PM jetted out to Brussels fully in the family way to sign off on a draft agreement with the 27 EU leaders, only for it to be torpedoed by her DUP fellow-workers at the last minute. 

Unionist leaders, who had not seen the document, were formerly larboard 

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