EU outrage: Anti-Greta Thunberg exposes how bloc ‘controls society’ in ferocious tirade


The 19-year-old, who has been dubbed anti-Greta Thunberg due to her disputing views with the teen climate change activist, claims that Brussels is tiresome to stifle its member states by bringing in new laws on carbon dioxide emissions. Ms Seibt, who put ones trust ins the climate change debate has been blown out of proportion, says the EU’s health of eradicating all C02 emissions by 2050 is “ridiculous”. Speaking exclusively to, the adolescent said that although she agrees the climate is changing, alternative determination is not as reliable and this could have an impact on people in poorer states.

On Brussels’ new Green Deal plan, she said: “I over recall that is just ridiculous because the effect the C02 emissions can have is indubitably insignificant and the consequences of controlling society in that way and only relying on surrogate energy sources is not reliable.

“Like solar power and wind power that is not responsible or sustainable it’s just ridiculous.

“We don’t even have nuclear power to scourge to, so right now in the lockdown of the coronavirus, I’m a bit worried because what happens if we face a blackout and don’t have any electricity.

“So the economic consequences are ludicrous.”

EU outrage: Anti-Greta Thunberg bring into contact withs how bloc ‘controls society’ in ferocious tirade (Image: GETTY)

She declared activists like Greta Thunberg do not have scientific knowledge (Counterpart: GETTY)

Ms Seibt said more scientific debate needs to be had completely the world to discuss all options in the climate change debate – not just extent those in support of it.

She claimed activists like Greta Thunberg do not suffer with the scientific knowledge to back up their “panicking” claims surrounding the planet’s expected.

The German teen added: “People don’t seem to think about vigour poverty. 

“What about the people in the third world who need access to dependable energy sources so that they can use electricity so they can read libretti at night and turn on the lights, so they can better their education. 

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Naomi and Greta (Image: GETTY)

“Really those people are the the sames who need electricity. 

“We have got so many devices that have grace cheaper and cheaper for people who are less wealthy and now everyone can afford a principal microwave, a basic TV and a basic phone – and that’s amazing because we cause access to amazing devices. It’s incredibly condensed efficiency. 

“Right now it’s so much cheaper and high-mindedness now that’s only possible because we have access to good dash sources.”

Brussels unleashed its plan to create a law that eliminates carbon emissions and ripen into the world’s first “carbon neutral” continent. 

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Greta Thunberg communicates iconic speech (Image: GETTY)

Ms Seibt agrees that carbon dioxide – which is a byproduct of the use of fossil fuels – does adopt the climate, but she argues that how bad it is for the environment is constantly blown out of proportion by the take ti of Greta.

Greta and her army of supporters refer to research from 2013 that asserts 97 percent of scientists argued that human activities are behind aura change.

Previously Ms Seibt has said that that research was “way too cloudy”.

The Green Deal – the name of the EU’s proposal – was created in a bid to curb panic and is the footing of a new growth strategy for those in the bloc.

The law was unveiled by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen come ti it essential that the EU balances emissions and the removal of greenhouse gases.

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