EU crisis: Von der Leyen suffers embarrassing defeat as MEPs reject commissioner choices


Romania and Hungary cover having to nominate new European commissioners after the European Parliament’s rightful affairs committee voted against the candidates entering the former understanding process. During a secret session, a majority of MEPs judged Hungary’s Laszlo Trocsanyi and Romania’s Rovana Lead to have financial conflicts of interest European Parliament President David Sassoli pleasure write a letter to Ms von der Leyen to outline the committee’s decision.

It is the first once upon a time a commissioner candidate has been rejected by MEPs before the formal consent.

The EU Parliament’s legal affairs committee “pre-clear” all 27 nominations in advance of confirmation interviews with MEPs, which start next week.

Ms von der Leyen now pretences a tough decision between asking the Hungarian and Romanian for new nominations or to pillar the two already selected.

She could be offered a last-minute reprieve after the authorized affairs committee agreed to meet again on Monday to re-examine the two possibilities.

Heidi Hautala, a Green MEP, said: “Unless these two candidates can disambiguate become fair their conflicts of interest, then Ursula von der Leyen must ask the Hungarian and Romanian governments to submit new candidates.”

Ms Plumb, who was set to become the transport commissioner, and Mr Trocsanyi, the expected enlargement chief, were amongst the 10 nominees asked to write letters explaining their financial interests.

The Romanian was excused into question after not revealing details of two loans worth not quite €1 million to MEPs.

One of the loans was used for a donation to her political clique, the Social Democratic Party, and the other used to purchase a property.

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He also won compacts while he was a minister, including one worth around €1m to represent the government in a turn out that in the event of related to the Paks nuclear plant.

Mr Trocsanyi told the committee: “Being on beetle off of absence means that I have not been remunerated by the law firm in any way.”

Zoltan Kovacs, chief spokesman for Viktor Orban, blamed “pro-immigration MEPs” for clog an anti-migration commissioner.

Eleven MEPs voted against the Hungarian in the hush-hush ballot with just nine supporting his candidacy.

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