EU coronavirus plan snubbed as member states ignore Brussels’ pleas and ease lockdowns


Spain, Italy and France enjoy all signalled they will keep their lockdowns but have divulged plans to reopen their economy amid signs they father overcome the worse of the global pandemic. President Emmanuel Macron developed his coronavirus measures until May 11. But he added schools and businesses will-power be gradually allowed to reopen after that date.

His announcement came after Spanish prime serve Pedro Sanchez loosened his isolation regulations to allow non-essential industries to give back to work after a two-week ban.

Italy, Europe’s worst-affected country with sundry than 20,000 deaths, last week also extended its lockdown until at speck May 3.

But prime minister Giuseppe Conte paved the way for small businesses, listing laundrettes and shops selling children’s clothes and books, to reopen.

Their energies come despite the European Commission hoping for capitals to agree on a bloc-wide leave-taking strategy coordinated from Brussels.

Ursula von der Leyen has called for the formation of a “task-force like structure” to dictate how countries can exit from their lockdowns.

“Performance must be co-ordinated between the member states,” according to a leaked mimic of the plans seen by

The document added: “Member states are invited to appoint single points of contact for the European Commission and neighbouring countries, at best as part of an operational task force-like structure.”

The Brussels-based EU executive admonishes of “political friction between member states” unless capitals observe its plans.

The Commission also promises to speed up the approval process for medical tack to help combat a second wave of coronavirus infections, which it imparts is “unavoidable”.

“It must be acknowledged that the virus continues circulating and any equivalent of gradual relaxation of the confinement will unavoidably lead to a corresponding expand in new cases,” the dossier states.

“This will require constant and minute monitoring as well as the readiness to adjust and reintroduce new measures if needed.

“We bequeath have to live with the virus until a vaccine or treatment is organize.”

Previous attempts to deliver an EU-wide exit strategy from coronavirus lockdowns were derailed after associate states refused to hand power to Brussels.

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The lam on out of strategy added: “Mobile applications that warn citizens of an increased gamble due to close proximity with an infected person can be an effective tool in the away strategy.”

Other European leaders are also ready to back the Commission on maintaining the outer travel ban, which prevents all non-essential visits from outside the bloc.

The diplomat united: “Loosening border controls can only be done in a co-ordinated fashion.”

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