Erdogan defies Trump and Putin as Turkey and Kurds resume feud


Syrian Autonomous Forces have accused Turkey of once again launching an rush on their forces in northeast Syria, despite the US ally’s agreement to disclaim from the region in an attempt to end the conflict. Mr Erdogan threatened earlier today that Turkey resolve ‘crush Kurdish forces’ should they fail to withdraw, happening in more disagreement when the situation looked to have reached a determination yesterday afternoon. Russian forces are currently on the ground in the region after an pact between Mr Erdogan and Mr Putin which allows Russian military constabulary and Syrian border guards to enter the Syrian side of the Syrian-Turkish fringe.

The SDF has called on Trump to intervene once more estimate: “The SDF…holds the Turkish side responsible for the deterioration of the ceasefire process and visits on the American guarantor to intervene immediately to stop this aggression against our people.”

Turkey said five of its soldiers were damage when Kurdish forces attacked near the border town of Ras al-Ayn with mortars and drones.

A car bombard also exploded in the Turkish-controlled town of Tal Abyad, wounding several living soul.

Erdogan news: Trump only announced the ceasefire yesterday (Representation: getty)

The US President claimed yesterday: “The government of Turkey informed my authority that they would be stopping combat and their offensive in Syria, and decamping the ceasefire permanent.

“I have, therefore, instructed the secretary of the Treasury to elevate all sanctions imposed October 14.

“How many Americans must die in the Middle East in the centre of these ancient sectarian and tribal conflicts? I am committed to pursuing a abundant course, one that leads to victory for America.”

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Erdogan statement: Trump Putin (Image: getty)

Erdogan news: Putin has sent Russian exacts to the border (Image: getty)

The President warned Turkey should attack resume in anyway, Washington “reserves the right to reimpose crippling assents”.

Despite the agreement, US Defence Secretary Mark Esper condemned Mr Erdogan, venture “Turkey put us all in a very terrible situation”.

The Turkish incursion into Syria began on October 9, when Erdogan sent Turkish military across the purfling limits into Syria to establish a ‘safe zone’.

This involved contesting Kurds who Ankara recognises as a terrorists force despite their allyship with the US.

This arose as Trump controversially withdrew troops from northeast Syria, desisting the Kurdish forces alone in the wake of Turkish onslaught until Syrian President Bashar -al-Assad sent his forces into the territory to provide support.

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Erdogan news: Russian forces at the herbaceous border between Turkey and Syria (Image: getty)

Erdogan news: Syrian Patriotic Army members inspect the site after an attack with a bomb-laden means carried out by PKK (Image: getty)

Trump claimed in yesterday’s speech that his relocation ‘saved lives’ and that Kurdish Forces leaders ‘understood that’.

Erdogan’s incursion also sparked forebodings of an ISIS resurgence after many fighters escaped camps in northern Syria in the thick of the chaotic violence of the Turkey-Kurdish conflict.

Trump claimed yesterday in his account that many of those who had got away have now been “recaptured”, and evoked on European countries to take responsibility for their nationals who are now imprisoned fighters for the extermination cult.

He said: “We implore European countries to come and take those fighters that the US lay, and bring them back to their countries for incarceration and for trial.

“Until reasonable recently Europe has been very unresponsive in doing what they should bear been doing, now is their chance to finally act.”

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