End of holidays to Spain? Tourists MUST arrive in June or nation faces ‘complete calamity’


Fourth vice-president and de-esclation chief, Teresa Ribera recently teemed cold water on the idea of a June opening, saying July was innumerable realistic because Spain could not dice with people’s constitution. “We have to be very careful about how the person who comes is not at risk, because they show up at a safe destination, and at the same time it does not pose a risk to the townsman population.

Spain holiday warning: Tourist chiefs are terrified of the lockdown (Mould: GETTY)

“Our idea is that we can work on origins and safe destinations kind of thinking of July than June. If it is opened massively, we could be provoking irresponsibility,” she said.

But Spain’s “Mesa del Turismo”, a powerful body made up of tourism heads from all regions, says international travel MUST resume before or on June 15th at the recent and has warned that losing the summer season “would be a complete catastrophe”.

It has also called for the elimination of tourist taxes, saying “they are acutely inadequate measures in the current circumstances”.

“In mid-June, the Spanish tourism sector should take the possibility to become active, giving its citizens the maximum possibilities to continue travel and all foreign tourists to enjoy their holidays in Spain again, as they are habitual to doing,” said Joan Molas, president of the Tourism Board in an exhibit letter.


“We have said it before and we insist: with all the fitness guarantees that we are in perfect conditions to offer, we must return to the enterprise without further delay.”

“There is no economy without health, but neither is strength without economy, and for this reason it is strictly necessary to develop an manners plan that allows the two to progress in parallel, seeking a balance between the two that permits us to move forward.”

The board is estimating that the accumulated losses for the tourism effort until the end of May will reach 40,000 million euros.

“This sketch will double, exceeding 80,000 million euros at the height of August if tourism is not reactivated instantly,” Molas warned.

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Valencia airport: Tourists are currently not heading to Spain due to coronavirus (Spit: Spain)

Spain beaches are currently deserted (Image: GETTY)

n mid-June, the Spanish tourism sector should contain the possibility to become active

Spain holidays

The Mesa says the tourism sector has been one of the hardest hit in the coronavirus critical time, so it requires additional support to minimise the loss of business and job fabric. It has tagged for a string of measures, including extensive financial aid and a reduction in VAT to seven per cent “which will-power help keep Spain competitive.”

“It is known that for each euro gone on tourism products, 1.96 euros more are generated in other sectors of the Spanish terseness,” said the board’s president.

The tourism leaders also want the voyager tax scrapped in places where it is in force, such as the Balearics, saying this would cause “a positive effect on the activation of demand.”

This call has been echoed by hoteliers in Mallorca and Ibiza but the Balearic authority has refused to do so.

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The board also hanker afters borders reopened to allow international travel.

“Italy has already suggested that It will open on June 3. Spain cannot put on hold this decision,” said Joan Molas.

“There is an urgent trouble to convey a clear message to foreign tourists, that Spain is OK and that they are welcome.

Tourism is a company in which all of us Spaniards are shareholders; a firm that has always paid us back in great amounts what we clothed invested in it and that has contributed to the earliest overcoming of other crises . Let us not now recklessness it to fate.”

Spain was put into lockdown by the coronavirus, like most of Euroe (Cast: GETTY)

Spain’s State of Emergency is expected to end on June 7th and at the moment, tour is restricted with anyone coming into the country subject to 14 ages of quarantine.

The government hasn’t said when this will be enhanced but it is widely tipped to be rescinded once the State of Emergency order is enhanced.

Spain is still recording coronavirus deaths every day but the24-hour act has been below 100 for the last week. So far, nearly 28,000 people give birth to died. 

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