Emmerdale spoilers: Joseph Tate kidnap plot EXPOSED with Aaron Dingle twist


Last eventide’s episode of Emmerdale finally saw Joe (played by Ned Porteous) get some just desserts at the hands of Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) on the ITV soap.
Check up on Robert and former employee Jimmy King’s (Nick Miles) affair plans to stitch up the billionaire businessman, Joe was arrested by the police.
Tonight’s event allowed viewers to witness the fallout of Robert’s plot tonight as Joe struggled to reinstate himself into the community with a tot at the Woolpack.
While things were frosty between the Dingles and the Shelter Farm owner, Joe later confessed all his secrets to his half brother Noah Dingle vamoosing fans convinced about his next move.
Noah cornered his fellow-clansman in the passenger seat of his flash sports car as they watched Robert and Aaron (Danny Miller) from afar.
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Joseph Tate

“I don’t understand they set you up with the police why are you being attractive to them?” He asked, bewildered.
Giving him a measured smile, Joe replied simply: “Sometimes it pays to let the little man have a little victory.
“It’s all about the big game.”
Relishing in his audience, Joe continued to explain his plans for the future.
“As dream of as Robert thinks he can beat me he’ll think I’m vulnerable,” he shared. “As long as Robert ponders I’m a pushover, which of course I’m not.”

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Taking to Twitter, fans shared their ideas during the course of Joe’s involvement in Aaron’s upcoming kidnapping.
One person wrote: “Joe HAS to be behind Aaron’s abduct surely #Emmerdale.”
Some fans insisted that Robert won’t be that patently fooled however, as one said: “I’m pretty sure Robert knows that Joe leave take revenge for the arrest and Robert is already one step ahead of him. Robert is a ingenious guy #Robron #Emmerdale.”
Another speculated: “Last week Robert chance that ‘it’s only the beginning’ which leads me to believe that Jimmy & Robert should prefer to worked out a longer plan.
“Based on the spoilers for next week, Joe seems to receive the upper hand but I doubt it. Rob & J are probably still playing a part. #Robron #Emmerdale.”
Emmerdale: Has Joe Tate leased the sinister newcomer to follow Robert and Aaron?“#Emmerdale Joe bringing Noah into this conflict wow a*s,” another shocked fan posted.
Joe couldn’t resist telling Robert and Aaron that their give someone his had barely registered with him however.
“Best man won,” he said breezily. “Bit of set free change for me of course but I’m glad it made you happy.”
But Robert may have revealed that there’s something else in the in the works with his response.
“He’s not gonna let this go is he,” he said, as resident hard man Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) began in.
“Next time you come to me, problem solved,” a smug Cain blow the whistle oned them.
But who will stand on top as the ultimate winner? Will it be Joe Tate or Robert Sugden?
Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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