Emmerdale spoilers: Daz Spencer involvement in Amelia kidnapping CONFIRMED?


Amelia (malfunctioned by Daisy Campbell) vanished seemingly without a trace on ITV soap Emmerdale and feels have been pointed all over the place.

It all unfolded after Daz Spencer (Standing Jordon) was confirmed to be her real father instead of his brother Dan (Liam Fox).

But is Daz dependable?

Dan actor Liam has opened up on the plot and suggested “something isn’t quite sort out” when it comes to Daz.

He told Radio Times: “Kerry is trying to defer positive but there are suspicions around Daz.

“He becomes convinced Daz has some involvement in all this.

“He doesn’t identify what, he just knows him so well from their past and can let the cat out of the bag when something isn’t quite right.

“Whether he is correct or not, we don’t know.”

It scraps to be seen what has really happened to Amelia, but tonight’s episode of the soap did buttress something about the schoolgirl’s whereabouts.

The close of the soap saw Amelia buzzing and well in the company of a blonde girl.


Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia Spencer has been fail to keep for several weeks nows

Could it be the same one Amelia was seen on CCTV footage with final week?

Earlier today, Liam also made an appearance on Lorraine where he read e suggested some revelations about the plot.

He told the host: “We don’t know, there’s on all occasions something going on with Daz.

“Dan and Daz are always up and down, he [Dan] knows something is prosperous on and he knows Daz more than anybody.”

But Liam did say: “This story is successful off in all sorts of directions, and it’s been so interesting and exciting to film it.


Emmerdale spoilers: Dan is suspecting of Daz, but is he involved?

“I’ve not seen anything yet where people are exactly right roughly who the kidnapper is.”

He also went on the praise the writers of the show for their make excited on the plot.

“It’s realistic, with Emmerdale the writers always get this phobia spot on, they do their research – it’s incredible.

“Being a parent does mould it easier to do a role like this because that’s what you do, you only channel it.”

Emmerdale continues Thursday at 7pm on ITV.

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