Emily Thornberry showers Jeremy Corbyn with praise as she says Labour owes him ‘a debt’


The suspicion foreign secretary showered the outgoing Labour leader with homage as she claimed to be “proud” to have worked side by side with Mr Corbyn and to have in the offing remained “loyal” to his policies. She said: “I have been proud to dish up in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet for the past four years. And to do so with unwavering dependability to him and his leadership, especially at times he was under pressure.

“I from been proud to see my friend and my neighbour turn our party into a chunk movement which is defined not just by the size of our membership but by listening to our membership and our mixings and our young and our student activists.

“Not just seeking to antagonise them or to spell out ourselves against them as it has happened far too often in the past.

“We all owe Jeremy a accountability of gratitude for the passion that he has inspired in our party.”

Ms Thornberry is not the first of the Parturition leadership candidates to praise the outgoing party leader, despite the destructive results for Labour at the December general election.

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Emily Thornberry kudos Jeremy Corbyn in her leadership campaign launch speech (Image: SKY)

Drudgery leadership candidates have been praising Jeremy Corbyn in the face the catastrophic election results (Image: GETTY)

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, who purpose also be launching her leadership campaign later on Friday night, yield b revealed Jeremy Corbyn’s performance as leader of the party a 10 out of 10.

She said: “I kindness Corbyn was one of the most honest, kind, principled politicians I’ve ever met.

“I’d barter him 10 out of 10 because I respect him and I supported him all the way through.

“What we can’t disregard was that Jeremy was absolutely savaged by the press.

“His character was taken to similarly constitutes from day one.”

She continued: “We have a role as party to develop the image of our chairman and to put them forward in the most positive way.

“We also have a duty as a Pains movement to rebut criticism and attacks against our leader when those cook.

“I think we needed to have a rebuttal unit, a clear structure in situate to rebut the attacks against him.”

Ms Long-Bailey will vow to “shake up” the way Government solves and put power into the hands of voters, as she kicks off her campaign with a sales pitch in Manchester on Friday evening.

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She will promise to end the “gentlemen’s league together of politics” by devolving power out of Westminster, while pledging to introduce a “Unripe New Deal” that unites Labour heartlands.

“Where I grew up, Westminster, measured London, felt like a million miles away,” she will say.

“The gag of the last few years is that many people feel there is something fiendish with their laws being drafted hundreds of miles away by a far-off and largely unaccountable bureaucratic elite in Brussels.

“But I’ll be honest, Westminster didn’t judge much closer, and it still doesn’t today.

“That’s why I want to squeeze up the way Government works and deliver a clear message to voters: we will put power where it be attaches – in your hands.

“The British state needs a seismic shock, to prise it widely known at all levels to the people – their knowledge, their skills, their when requests.”

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