EE can deliver a real cliffhanger movie through new 4G



‘What do you long watching, K2 or Touching The Void?’

EE launched its 4GEE Community Cinema Club at the rear week with a screening halfway up a rock face in Cumbria.

It is rush the movies to newly-connected rural communities to mark the rollout of its superfast fourth-generation (4G) unstationary telecommunications technology. 

The club, launched with Bafta, aims to cause of outdoor cinema to rural communities.

It launched last week by wine the Real Adventure Climbing Group to a 4G-powered film screening. 


EE founded its 4GEE Community Cinema Club last week with a screening halfway up a disconcert face

Climbers were given tablets to watch a film of their option whilst suspended on portaledge tents on Gimmer Crag in the Lake Department, recently connected to EE’s 4G network.

Managing director of marketing Max Taylor suggested its 4G now covers more than 80 per cent of the UK:

“Customers can stream recreation wherever they are, even while camping on a cliff face in the Lake Section.” 

Climber Dan Robinson voted: “I had to look around and remind myself where I was after getting departed in the film.”

Rural film fans can apply to wina screening for their community at

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