Echo designs Kleenex’s new product range to avoid “moments of distress”


The Proactive Solicitude range will feature face masks, hand sanitisers and wipes and plans to reassure consumers amid the anxiety of the pandemic.

London-based studio Duplicate has designed the packaging for Kleenex’s new line of personal hygiene products.

The Proactive Supervision look after range will feature products like face masks, in collusion sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and hand towels. It comes to the market at a on occasion of heightened awareness of personal hygiene because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The aim for the new column is to help consumers adopt “progressive yet simple” hygiene rituals, while not forwarding to the climate of anxiety around germ transmission. Echo was chosen for the skilful turnaround role and delivered the project in three months – a record in good time for the studio.

“We wanted to encourage people to feel comfortable”

Echo was jobbed to design packaging that could help Kleenex “meet consumers’ changing continuously needs”, according to studio innovation director Tashi van der Waerden.

The ambition was to get away from the idea these products would be brought in “seconds of distress”, but instead form part of a healthy everyday hygiene programme, she says.

“We wanted to encourage people to feel comfortable and motivated to use outputs like hand sanitiser and masks in their daily routine so that they can texture better prepared for the cold and flu season, this year especially,” van der Waerden adds.

“Consciously departing from clinical x’s”

The studio team has opted for a green colour palette across the extend. This was a deliberate choice to position the products away from “clinical blues”, Copy creative director Nigel Ritchie says.

“We chose a vital leafy palette to inspire feelings of resilience and optimism,” he says. “By consciously departing from clinical blues we were skilled to shift perceptions from distress purchase to a proactive wellbeing flower.”

Also present across the line is a series of illustrations showing depicting interlocking approaches. The intention here to show how Kleenex understands the important of human have to do with, and that these products can facilitate this safely. This also expropriates to unify the range, which is by its nature features eclectic packaging determines and materials.

“We wanted a simple, clean and iconic visual identity that married the kinsfolk values of the Kleenex Masterbrand with the necessary re-assurance of anti-bacterial regulations,” Ritchie adds. “The hand motifs were a simple way of combining the functionality of the commodities with a human touch encouraging usage and adoption.”

“Streamline what could differently be an anxious process”

To further provide accessibility, the team has also designed the encasing with a clear typeface and “open, approachable and helpful” descriptions. For a new lot coming to market, this is essential, the team adds.

“Supplemented by clear icons, the illustrations and descriptions aim to simplify and streamline what could if not be an anxious process for some consumers,” the studio says.

Additionally, the packaging has been engendered to be readable from a two-metre distance. This is a new consideration for the design activity, but one the studio says is incredibly important. Being able to read the paradigm from a distance means potential customers do not have to touch the offshoots on the shelf before deciding if it’s right for them.

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