Ebola outbreak latest: Charity begins trial vaccines for health workers in Congo



MSF shillelagh getting dressed in full protective suits in the Ebola Treatment Middle in Bikoro

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), which is working alongside the motherland’s Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation in a bid to contain the outbreak, is handing out non-compulsory clips to workers in the town of Bikoro in Equateur Province, where the majority of the 35 the realities so far diagnosed have appeared.

In addition, relatives and friends of patients are also being made vaccinations as part of a strategy MSF refers to as the “ring” approach, which count ins identifying newly diagnosed and laboratory-confirmed Ebola patients and locating the people they participate in been in contact with.

In addition, the friends and relatives of these people last will and testament also be offered injections in a bid to create a buffer zone, or protective bushing, to prevent the disease from spreading.

This investigational vaccine has not yet been documented and is being implemented through a study protocol accepted by national powers that bes and the Ethical Review Board in Kinshasa, as well as MSF’s Ethical Review Advisers aboard.


The Ebola vaccine being used as part of the overall strategy to power the outbreak

Based on the results of these trials we are confident in using the vaccine for this mainstream outbreak

Micaela Serafini, Medical Director of MSF in Geneva

Prior to sustaining the injection, all participants are given information on the vaccine before consenting, and require be carefully monitored over a period of time.

Participation is voluntary and the vaccination is easy.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, WHO and other agencies, MSF and its epidemiological enquiry arm Epicentre were involved in vaccine trials in Conakry, Guinea at the end of the Ebola outbreak in 2015 in an strain to develop the vaccine.

Micaela Serafini, Medical Director of MSF in Geneva, said: “Anchored on the results of these trials we are confident in using the vaccine for this au courant outbreak.


Participants receive information consenting to being vaccinated

“Certainty that it has not yet been licensed, we will be closely monitoring the vaccination.

“The fruits of the trial suggest that the vaccine will present a real good to people at high risk of contracting Ebola, protecting them against the infection.

“Degree, vaccination remains just one additional tool in the fight against the disorder.

“Identifying patients and contacts is the first step.”

People who receive vaccinations are told to on to follow the same infection control protocols as before, while Ebola strength workers will continue wearing protective equipment.

The current outbreak was declared on May 8, in the North West of the rural area. As of May 28, there had been a reported 12 deaths, according to translates from DRC’s Ministry of Health.

MSF teams have set up two Ebola Treatment Clusters (ETC) with 12 and 20 beds each, with teams working tracing people who have been in direct or indirect contact with recognized Ebola cases.

They are also to raise community awareness with communities to limit conversancy and encourage safe burial practices.

Isolation centres have also been set up in the recondite areas of Itipo and Iboko.

Some of MSF’s most experienced Ebola handle workers are operating in Equateur Province.

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