EBay wants users to urge PM to legislate end to Canada Post contract dispute


EBay Canada is urging sellers to jot the prime minister to legislate an end to the ongoing contract im sse between Canada Post and unionized white-collar workers.

In an online petition on its site, eBay Canada said Monday it lust afters Canadian users to press Justin Trudeau “to take action to return confidence in Canada’s postal service.”

Following months of talks without reaching a huge quantity, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers on Thursday issued a 72-hour aim notice, saying workers would begin job action on Monday if an bargain could not be reached over the weekend. The union said rotating job power, involving the refusal of overtime work, would begin in Alberta and the Northwest Tracts.

The union’s deadline was subsequently extended late Sunday night by another 24 hours as CUPW and the Sovereignty corporation worked with aid of federally appointed mediator William Kaplan and Guy Baron, kingpin general of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services.

In the posting on its site, eBay Canada implies: “For months, Canadian businesses like yours have had to deal with the essences of the ongoing negotiations between Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian Splice of Postal Workers.”

“With job action possible in the next [24 hours], the quickly is right for the prime minister to initiate an alternative solution,” the post chances.

Wage rity and pensions are two of the biggest issues in the Canada Post talks.

Concluding week, a group representing Canadian small businesses urged them to train for the possibility of a disruption in postal services.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Traffic called for a speedy resolution to the contract situation and said it was opening up its normally members-only courier evaluate com rison service to all independent Canadian businesses until Oct. 1.

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