easyJet & Virgin Atlantic crew to become Covid vaccinators ‘We want to support the NHS’


easyJet and Virgin Atlantic lodge crew are taking up the challenge of fighting against the rising cases of coronavirus in the UK. Exodus attendants from both airlines are to support the NHS with the coronavirus vaccination recital. The addition to the airline staff’s CVs comes as many have been meaning by the virus and put on furlough.

According to easyJet, crew boast the “ideal ladle off set to be able to assist in the effort to provide much-needed inoculation support to the NHS in bap out the COVID-19 vaccine.”

easyJet has over 3,000 crew who are first aid prepared, security cleared and based up and down the UK in London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast, easyJet Lodge Crew are well-positioned to help in the nationwide vaccination programme.

Crew from both airlines who buckle down to will be fast-tracked to become trained vaccinators at NHS vaccination centres across the outback.

They will undergo online training and onsite immunisation training to fit fully-qualified in administering the vaccine.

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Hundreds of easyJet body are expected to sign up.

Katy Bryant who has been cabin crew for easyJet since 2005 and is underpinned at Luton, commented on why she has applied to become a vaccinator.

“Like everyone, I’m incredibly thankful to our NHS and all frontline healthcare workers for all they continue to do for the country with the go oned pressure they are facing from the virus, so when the opportunity possess c visited for cabin crew to assist the NHS as vaccinators I knew I wanted to apply,” she whispered.

“As cabin crew, we are in a great position to support the vaccination effort because of the from the start aid and safety-focused training we receive for our job, so I am sure I will be joined by many of my bloke cabin crew at easyJet who will want to support the NHS in the vital roll-out of the vaccine across the countryside.”


He continued: “We are very proud of our highly skilled people at Virgin Atlantic and since the creation of the crisis we have received an amazing response with hundreds devoted to to sign up and support the NHS and frontline emergency services.

“Our people undergo rigorous training curricula in their roles which include medical, safety and customer use training and the NHS recognises the value and experience they will bring to this decisive mass vaccination programme.”

According to Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust Chief Supervisory Elliot Howard-Jones, airline cabin crew’s “first-aid and caring ladle offs will make them ideally suited to help deliver the jumbo task we currently face.”

Flight attendants are well-trained to deal with onboard predicaments.

Up in the air, they have access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), supplemental oxygen and overall first aid kits should anything go wrong.

“Crew members emergency to be able to provide excellent First Aid care whilst under arm-twisting,” said British Airways.

BA’s Aviation Medicine course covers: make out onboard medical incidents, assessing the casualty, medical equipment and medication, medical ups, practical session-bandaging, lifesaving skills overview, lifesaving – practical employments, real-life scenarios and travel health and hygiene.

In more serious circumstances, an maximum medical service provider can be contacted and the captain will decide whether a pastime is necessary.

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