Easter travel advice: Experts warn against travelling with THIS


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Voyagers are being warned against carrying cash

Holidaymakers are being on the alerted to steer clear from carrying cash with them on their Easter leave of absence this year and opt for a travel spending card instead.

According to Consumer Common sense (CI), British travellers are risking overspending during the Easter break by alluring cash instead of using cards.

The latest research revealed practically two out of five holidaymakers take, on average, more than £500 in spondulix when travelling aboard.

This is considerably more than the £250 myriad travel insurance companies will pay out for.

The research estimates that numerous than two million travellers are preparing to head overseas this Easter.

If the misbehave is to happen and the money is either lost or stolen, the chance of getting it all to is slim, CI warns.

The inquiry highlighted the average insurance payout policies.

For an excess of £100, the Pylon Office’s standard travel insurance policy will pay out £250. This is the regardless for Marks & Spencer although they only require an excess amount of £50 per individual.

Direct Line offers the best deal with a cash limit of £500 (£250 per mature insured with their Multi-trip package) at an excess of £50.

Tesco Bank proffers holidaymakers a standard multi-trip deal which would cover the wastage of £200 with a £60 excess.

Insure & Go offer a similar handle with their Silver Multi-trip cover but will only pay out £100, at an supererogation of £60, for money lost at the beach.

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Two out of five holidaymakers adopt more money than they’re covered for

Most travellers carry far more notes than their insurers would ever pay out

Andy Buller

“I’m constantly dumfounded by the number of cash holidaymakers still choose to take out of the country accepted the decline in the use of cash at home”, said travel expert Andy Buller.

He exited on to add: “Most travellers carry far more cash than their insurers force ever pay out on if they were to lose it or have it stolen and there are safer by the by to take money abroad.”

If a travel spending card is misplaced or usurped, chances are the money on it will remain secure.

Travellers may have to phone their provider to either harden the card or be sent a new one, but the money left on it will not be lost.

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A pre-paid travel card works in a similar way to a debit playing-card

Many UK debit cards charge an ATM fee but also load on a £1.50 accuse for every use.

Something that may not be obvious at first but would soon add up.

A pre-paid peregrinations card works in a similar way to a debit card but does extra rates are not added in the same way as a bank.

Before departure travellers load the affluence onto the card that they wish to spend whilst away and can away this card to withdraw at a foreign ATM for a much better rate.

Each behave and card provider have different policies and exchanges rates so clean on up these before you travel if you wish to avoid any costly surprises.

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