EastEnders Mother’s Day special trailer teases shock MURDER on Albert Square


Tinged in blood red, the histrionic clip hints there could be another murder in Walford; and it’s the Hubbard extraction taking centre stage.

Mother’s Day appears to get off to a unnervingly pleasant start, until Claudette (Ellen Thomas) barks to trick Truman: “Don’t predicament with me.”

And she’s not kidding, as later she’s seen reaching for a candlestick when soap villain Gavin Sullivan ( ul Nicholas) soda pops up to blackmail her for money.

The mother of Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) arrived on the Nutritious with a chamber of secrets, and one could be about to be exposed if Gavin wangles his way.

Vincent may have cracked his mother’s wicked st when the trailer omits to him raging through gritted teeth: “Did you kill Dad?”

Elsewhere, Denise Fox (Diane rish) is about to learn that her exhausting ex-husband Lucas is plotting his freedom, when Jordan reveals: “Dad’s announcing out of prison.”

Last night, the serial killer came clean to Jordan that he formulae to kidnap Denise for a second time, after previously holding his missus captive in 2011.

Lucas (Don Gilet) returned to the soap on New Year’s Day, after Denise take pleasure ined she was going to find her ex-husband’s estranged son, who had spent the st few years in be attracted to.

Since then, the Denise and Jordan (Joivan Wade) have been serving Lucas get a spot on an enhanced prison scheme, which would permit the deranged attacker to land a job in prison, and thus have access to the conveyance run.

Lucas has managed to pull the wool over Denise’ eyes tempo and time again, but all will be revealed in the coming weeks if he’s able to do the for all that once more.

EastEnders continues Monday night at 8pm on BBC One.

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