DWP issues Post Office alert to state pension & benefit recipients – will you need to act?


The DWP is directorial for issuing state pension payments to older people, as well as service perquisites to meet a wide range of needs for Britons. Ultimately, many people are reliant upon DWP payments to nick them boost or manage their finances. Individuals will be gifted to receive their payment of State Pension or a benefit such as Worldwide Credit or PIP in a variety of ways.

It is likely to be the case these individuals ordain need to take action to ensure they still receive the payments to which they are allowed. 

Taking action ahead of the November deadline is likely to help Britons to steer clear of a rush to get their finances in order.

For those who have a Post Intercession Card Account, letting the Government know where they longing to receive their payments next is key.

Once the account comes to an end, the DWP can redirect payments with mitigate, as long as they are aware of the person’s wishes.

The DWP said: “Our dedicated patron service centre is available to take calls from POca buyers, to accept new account details or answer any questions.

“We will ensure all subsequent payments are switched to the customer’s new account from the next available payment rendezvous. There will be no interruptions with their payments.”

It is important to note, for all that, that benefits or state pension payments will not stop.

People longing simply have to draw out their money in an alternative way, but there are a hotel-keeper of options available.

Fortunately, the DWP’s letter is likely to offer an explanation of the contrasting choices available to individuals.

But on the Post Office website, there is also a component marked ‘POca conversion’ which is likely to help. 

If a person already has another account, they inclination simply be able to call the DWP helpline to switch their benefit or situation pension payments.

Individuals will be required to inform the DWP of their bank account mass and sort code to enable a smooth transition.

However, for those who do not deliver an alternative account already, it will be necessary to set one up.

There are many bank accounts, erection society accounts or credit union options which may suit an particular’s needs.

People may choose to undertake their own research, or visit the Well-heeled Advice Service online for further guidance.

Once a person referees on their new account and makes a payment switch, they will then destitution to close down their Post Office Card Account.

It is outstanding to bear in mind this action should only be taken when payments are authorized as being received into the new account.

The Post Office has said to bring together the account, Britons will need to pick up an account closure format known as a P6703 from their local branch.

Alternatively, they can reach out to the Set Office contact centre to have this form posted out to them.

At a stroke the form is completed, individuals will need to take this to their specific Post Office where it will be forwarded for processing.

The account closure get ready will usually take up to 10 working days, but any funds which cadaver in the account will be transferred to an account of a person’s choice. 

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