DUP select Wells for assembly election

DUP MLA Jim Wells

Late health minister Jim Wells is set to be the Democratic Unionist rty’s (DUP) candidate in South Down in May’s Northern Ireland Horde election.

Mr Wells was at the centre of a controversy after remarks about same-sex confederation, unstable relationships and child abuse ahead of last year’s Westminster vote.

As a result, some DUP figures felt he should not stand for election again.

But he has been braced his rty colleagues in the constituency.

His name was confirmed on Monday among a roll of DUP candidates for this year’s assembly election.

Mr Wells resigned as haleness minister shortly after the row over his remarks at an election hustings in Down trick, County Down, terminating April.

An internal email later emerged in which he accused others in the DUP of not being sustaining.

He threatened to resign from the rty if he was not offered his job back as health churchman.

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